This page is for anyone who is interested in, simply loves, or who wants to know more about EYELASH EXTENSIONS.


First, what are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are strands of hair, attached to your natural eyelashes, lash by lash, using a special bonding agent; which enhances the length, the thickness and gives fullness to your natural eyelashes. A single lash extension is applied approximately 1mm away from the skin, which makes the extensions to never come in contact with the skin, making the procedure to be safe and perfectly harmless. The whole procedure is never rushed, giving every client, very relaxing and a calm experience.


Our technicians at The LASH Place work with silk and mink lashes. The main difference between the types of lashes depends on their firmness and if they are real fur, faux, or synthetic.

Silk lashes are a bit heavier than mink, which we prefer for a dramatic result. These are synthetic fiber, which are darker in appearance, creating a more of a dramatic look.

We have real mink, which are very light, soft, and flexible, giving more of a natural look, as if it were your real eyelashes. This is the best you can get if you're going for that 100% natural look. Mink lashes are so natural, giving full and fluffy eyelashes, which makes the client to love them!


All the above lashes come in different length, thickness, shape, and colors, to meet the best needs of a client.

Thicknesses of lash extensions are .10mm, .15mm and .20mm. These lashes are only slightly thicker than your natural eyelashes, making your eyes look as if mascara was beautifully applied. However, always remember, that this process is LESS damaging that applying mascara. Depending on your desire, we bring dramatic effects or more natural curls to your eyes.


Here comes the different curls, J-Curl, and the C-Curl.

J-Curl is a natural curl, where a lash curls gently towards the tip of the lash.

C-Curl is more of a dramatic curl, where a lash curls firmly from the root to the tip of the lash.


Also, depending on your desire, your eyelash extensions can be cute, sexy, sweet, and natural.


We have different sets to SILK and MINK eyelash extensions:

Natural Set, attaching 80 pieces per eye,

Volume Set, attaching 100 pieces per eye,

Premium Set, attaching 120-130 pieces per eye.


We also provide options for color lashes, lower lashes, and tint.

We, The LASH Place, provide a consultation, where you and the technician come together to discuss your expectations and the type of lashes that are suited best for you. We promise you the ultimate results, and you will love your new lashes!



1) Please remove all eye make-up, including mascara, before coming in.

2) Do Not curl your lashes.

3) No contact lenses. It must be removed before the service.

4) Please be on time :) Our grace period is 10 minutes only.

5) Although the eyelash extensions are perfectly safe, please check with your doctor if you have any discomfort in your eyes, or any history of an eye disease.



1) Check your amazing self with eyelash extensions. We prefer you maintain them for your beauty and gorgeous looking eyes. AND here is how.

2) Avoid steams, such as heat, and saunas, for the next 24 hours.

And do not get them wet for the next 6 hours.

3) Do not pull off loose lash extensions. They must come off naturally, or our professional technicians can carefully remove them with our special remover.

4) We prefer you do not use mascara, but for an unavoidable special occasion, use water-based mascara ONLY.

5) Use only OIL-FREE cleansers. Oil will dissolve the adhesive, and will make your extensions last much shorter than you can imagine.

6) Oh! Please don't rub your eyes.