February 07,2017

Coming soon to The Lash Place is the new hot trend 5D Russian Volume lashes!

5D lashes provide more volume and fullness to the eye and can last longer than the individual eyelash extensions. Each lash has 5 lashes attached to it giving your eyes more depth. Each individual lash on the 5D lashes are each 0.07mm making them light on your eyes. With the 5D lashes, a natural fan shape is created onto your eyes and doesn't make it seem bulky.

For more information contact us at 201-461-0306.

February 22, 2017

5D Russian Volume Lashes are HERE!!

Our 5D Russian Volume lashes have arrived at the Lash Place. Not only those, but we also have 3D lashes. These lashes are here to give your eyes more depth, volume, and fullness. They are definitely different from the individual eyelash extensions, if you are looking for something more dramatic. They look fuller with volume without making it look TOO dramatic. For those people, who like natural, but full, these lashes are still perfect!

For more information contact us at 201-461-0306.